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Lower Energy Cost With esolution Radiant Barrier
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esulation, LLC
Slidell, Louisiana (LA) 70458
Phone: 985-726-5057
esulation™ radiant barrier benefits
  • Reflects 97% of heating solar rays
  • Will reduce attic temperatures to near outside temperature in the shade
  • Will reduce utility bills by as much as 30%
  • Will enhance the comfort level in any home or building
  • Blocks air and humidity infiltration in walls
  • Increases R Values in walls
  • Will reduce metal building temperatures to outside temp.
  • Will not hold heat or cause condensation
  • Will not support mold growth
  • Competitively priced with other less effective insulators
  • Made of 99.4% pure aluminum foil
  • High quality closed cell foam thermal core
  • Heat laminated for added durability
  • Comes in light, easy to use rolls

Show Me How It works!

esulation, LLC is a distributor of residential and commercial energy saving building materials, including esulation™ residential radiant barrier, commercial radiant barrier, solar powered roof vents, solar attic fans and solar gable vent fans.  Our proactive solar powered products and radiant barriers are designed to reduce, and in many cases, eliminate heat gain and humidity intrusion into your home or building.  With a common sense approach to insulation and ventilation we will reduce your utility consumption, improve your comfort, and enhance the overall health of your home or building.  We at esulation, LLC are doing our part in a positive way to not only improve your life, but the life of our planet.

esulation, LLC Service Areas:

  • Slidell, Louisiana
  • Covington, Louisiana
  • Mandeville, Louisiana
  • St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
  • Orleans Parish, Louisiana
  • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

What is it?

esulation™ is our brand of reflective foil insulation radiant barrier, a technological innovation that is superior to fibreglass and sprayed insulation types.  esulation™ insulates your entire house, reflecting the sun's energy reducing the temperature inside to that of shaded areas outside.

Why do I want it?

esulation™ radiant barrier will lower your utility bills by as much as 30% by reducing the core temperature in your attic.  It is also the most effective, efficient, cleanest and safest form of insulation you can utilize in your home or building.

Typical Applications:

  • Attic Rafters:  reflects summer heat away from your building before it can enter
  • Exterior Walls:  as a house wrap, prevents heat and humidity from entering walls
  • Cathedral Ceilings:  used with mass insulation allows for ventilation and transforms cathedral areas into comfortable spaces
  • Under Floors:  in raised houses as a stand alone insulation to keep floors warm in the winter.


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