esulation, The Silver Stuff that keeps your home in the shade.
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About Us

When Tony Schiro was first introduced to reflective insulation 15 years ago at an industry conference, he thought the claims of lower energy bills stemming from the product were a little outrageous. Tony, being the curious type and drawing from his background in science, began researching the innovative new product. "The 'outrageous' claims were not only accurate but conservative," says Tony. "I knew I had discovered a product with a future."

Now, 15 years later, Schiro Enterprises is the Gulf South's leading distributor of energy saving building materials. "We have a common sense approach to insulation and ventilation," says Tony.  "We won't offer a product unless we're convinced it will effectively reduce your utility bill, improve your comfort and enhance the health of your home or building."

You can learn more about these advantages by checking out the rest of the site.  But don't pass up the opportunity to talk to Tony Schiro first hand about how these great products by calling him directly at 504-723-1018.

Schiro Enterprises - Building The Future Through Thoughtful Conservation


The "Silver Stuff" that keeps your home in the shade.

Product Information: 
Product Name:  esulation™
Product Code:  TSS-3FF
Finished Dimension:  48'' wide x 125' long rolls
Thickness:  3mm
Facing:  99.4% pure Polished Aluminum Foil
Core Material:  Polyethylene (closed cell foam)
R-Value:  Up to R-11 (R-Values vary depending on the facing emissivity and the air space on the heat side of the facing)
Flame Spread:  15 (ASTM E-84-09) Class-A
Smoke Developed:  10 (ASTM E-84-09) Class-A
Perm Rating:  WVTR Perms:  .047
Emissivity:  .04-.04

Please use caution when working around electrical sources as aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor. 
Please check local building codes for any restrictions that may apply.


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