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Solar Powered Roof Vents

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(Gable Mount)
SDF-20GM (Gable Mount) Our Gable Mount exhaust fan is designed to fit either onto or into the existing 16” vertical studs left exposed behind the existing Gable Vent in the attic. Older homes with nothing externally exposed accept the lateral louvered gable vent will have little issue with this installation as generally the studs are left exposed in the attic.

In some cases however, these lateral gable vents were made a little oversize, or the construction of the slant of the louvers was incorrect, and driving rain has necessitated the partial or maybe even complete blockage of these vents. Also in some truly older homes the Gable vent may be the only ventilation on the home and there is no soffit ventilation what so ever. In cases like this, the addition of soffit ventilation will always be a good idea (where it can be added when there is an over hanging eve that can be reached), but in the event there is no overhang or eve then we’d recommend the addition of air hawks along the bottom of the roof about 2ft up from the roof edge so we can get some cooler air in

In the newer homes designer Gable vents are often nothing more then ornamental, offering little or no airflow at all. This can become a huge issue. A 16” octagon open louvred Gable vent will typically only have about 12” of air flow, and our fan will be pushing 1275 cfm through that hole. It is unlikely the Gable vent will last. In most cases these vents are obscure shapes installed in either in brick, vinyl siding, or Hardy Board. And installed from the outside 25 to 40 ft in the air. Installing the fan is easy, but the same may not be said for whatever you have to do for the Gable.

Installation of the PV panel is fairly simple and straight forward (see Remote for specifics)

Choosing a Gable vent over our conventional roof mount ventilation usually comes down to the consumers hesitance to want another hole in his roof, and a sincere belief that gable ventilation should do the job. Well at one time in home design, it did. But those day’s are gone. Even those older surviving homes that did once, can’t now because of the environment the homes been relegated to.. No gable fan of any kind can prevent heat load, by nature of our proactive solar-powered operation is better, we can retard the process and maybe even prevent oppression (the AC killer), but sooner or later the attic will get hot. With roof mounted ventilation we’re working with the fundamentals of nature, With anything else, we’re working against it.

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