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Solar Powered Roof Vents

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(Remote Mount)
Product Details
The Remote Mount PV Panel Option is available for all our fans. It’s primary purpose is to make an existing penetration or hole in the roof usable, regardless of it’s orientation to direct sun exposure. However, this does not mean that any existing hole will be effective. Initial heat loading will begin to take place at the highest point of the attic, utilizing an existing opening 20 ft below the ridgeline is NOT going to help much. Conversely, the utilization of an existing opening centered directly under a large shade tree is generally not going to be as effective, even with a remote panel, because the air being extracted will not be the air being affected. Ideally, the existing hole should be 24”-36” below the ridgeline, in the direct line of exposure to the sun throughout the day. So, If there is an existing hole you wish to utilize, or you wish to keep all your ventilation hidden or obscured to one side of the home over another, or perhaps there is an H.O.A. involved that may have a preference you wish to honor, then the use of our Remote Panel option may be a perfect solution.

Our Remote Panel comes equipped with 15 ft of shielded wire, and a solar fan with the proper base of your choice. It is important that the PV Panel be installed within the confines of the 15ft wire provided, as line resistance will become an issue that can hurt the PV panel.

Installation of the PV Panel is as simple as one might expect. The 15ft wire is sealed directly into the Panel from the factory and a ¼” hole can be drilled through the roof, and the wire run directly through it. This is generally the preferred method in that 15 ft of wire goes a lot further in a straight line in the attic rather then over it.

The question of elevating the panel is a good one to ask. It will always be a good idea to orient the panel to the sun, and increasing airflow under the PV Panel will maximize the panel’s efficiency. Therefore we would encourage it. However roof pitches, building materials and sun exposures will differ with every home, and as such, provision of materials to build to provide for this would be cost prohibitive as well as nothing more then a guess. We have in the past used various lengths of aluminum tubing, SS Lag bolts w/washers, and RTV Silicone sealant with fair results.

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