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Lower Energy Cost With esolution Radiant Barrier
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esulation, LLC
Slidell, Louisiana (LA) 70458
Phone: 985-726-5057

"August of 2010 my electric bill kWh usage was 5300 for 29 days.
I now have radiant barrier along with a solar hot water heater.
The kWh usage for August 2014 was 2785.
I attribute most of the savings to the radiant barrier, the temperature difference in my attic is substantial, it truly keeps your house in the shade.

August 2010 Electric Bill $608.54
August 2014 Electric Bill $240.98
Savings $367.56

Beverly M. Ledet"

"When I built my new house, I wanted to make sure my energy bills were low. Fortunately I had recently seen Tony demonstrating the advantages of his product. With no significant trees in my yard, my house was going to be exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Tony's product made sense. But I wanted to make sure I wasn't throwing money away, so I did some math. I took the total cost of Tony's product and figured how much it would cost per month for a 120 month period. (10 years) The estimated monthly savings from Tony's product was greater than the monthly cost. In less than 10 years, the product would totally pay for itself. So what are the results? I have a 3,700 square foot house, in which I have an office with three people, 4 computers, copy machines and other office equipment. My mid-summer electric bill is rarely greater than $200. Other months it's usually about $100 per month. My neighbors, without an office, run $300 to $500 per month.

Trae D. "

"I have had Tony's fans in my attic for about 4 years now. They run perfectly, just like the day they where installed. I lived in my home for 1 year prior to installing the fans and since I put the fans in my attic my electric bill has been on average about 30 dollars cheaper in the summer months. My attic is comfortable to go in at any time of the year. A tornado came through our subdivision about two years ago and damaged my neighbors and totally destroyed a few other neighbors roofs. I did not have any damage but I did have a small leak in my bathroom. I was concerned that it could be from one of the fans but upon further inspection the fans where running and still installed perfectly. The leak was from the wind driven rain that came in from an exhaust pipe in the roof. So I always make sure I tell people that the fans had a tornado go only a few feet above them and they continued to work perfectly. Overall I am very happy with how the Solar fans have worked out. I am all for saving money and helping the environment. These fans have given me a inexpensive way to do both.

Danny Boudreaux"

"Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for recommending the solar attic fan. I had an old electric attic fan in my previous house. I could hear the noise of it running inside my house. I couldn't tell if it saved any electricity. On the other hand, your solar fan is so quite, I can not hear it operate. It has been in for a month now, and I compared last years, same month, electric bill to my current bill and there is a $40.00 reduction. I can only attribute it your solar attic fan.
One other thing, a couple of Saturday's ago, it was overcast with occasional rain. I went into the attic and to my surprise, the solar panels were picking up enough solar rays to operate the fan. I am very happy with my purchase and will recommend it to my friends.

Johnny Crow"


I would highly recommend Esulation to anyone interested in saving on utility costs. Our utility bill is at least 30% lower after installing your product. It has already paid for itself. Thank you for believing in your product and what it has to offer. Not many people can say that.

Patty S.
Metairie, La."


What an outstanding product! Very easy to work with, and lightweight yet very strong with outstanding thermal solar insulator values. I am using this as a solar reflector on my west facing house. I was having heat buildup problems in the afternoon causing my ac unit to struggle, and fail to keep it cool. After this easy install my house is now much much cooler. It cut my electric bill down by 28-32% per month. I'm going to buy more for my mom's house!

Thank you,
Cade Alexander"


I'm writing you this letter today to thank you for selling me on esultation.  Since installing esulation in my attic, I've already realized significant savings on my utility bills.  The temperature in my attic is surprisingly cool and as a result, my A/C doesn't have to work nearly as hard to cool my living area.  I want you to know that I've already recommended your product to several friends and clients and will continue to do so.  Thanks again for keeping me cool and saving me money!

Joseph S. Pappalardo, Jr.
Latter & Blum Property Management, Inc."


With the increase in fuel costs our electric bill was out of site.  Installing the radiant barrier did wonders.  It cut our electric bill by at least 30 per cent.  It dropped the temperature in the attic at least 15 to 20 degrees.  Before the installation on a 90 degree day our air condition ran constantly, now it is off the majority of the time.  Your crew was fast and did a great job. 

We also installed a solar hot water heater and double pained windows, but the radiant barrier by far did the most good.  I have recommend this product and your company to all my friends and family. 

Thank you for a great job and product!
Charles Ledet
Slidell, LA"



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